Arkansas Court Rules Whited Out Will Must Stand

white out

Before Bill Potts’ wife Wanda died, he drafted a will leaving his estate to her. Contingent beneficiaries were to be her sister and two brothers, since the couple didn’t have any children and Bill had no living relatives.

But years after Wanda’s death in 2002, he decided he wasn’t interested in having the heirs of her siblings inherit his estate, which was determined to be more than $430,000 after his death.

So, he grabbed the white out and a pen.

According to a lawsuit filed by the heirs of Wanda’s brothers:

He marked “void” over each paragraph; wrote “bastard” and “get nothing” on the will; and applied Liquid Paper over the names of the beneficiaries. He later shredded the document in the presence of his insurance agents, Joe Groover and appellee Rene Moreland.

The plaintiffs wanted to prove he was delusional so they could collect all his postmortem cash, but alas, they were unsuccessful.

Courthouse News: “Bill had no children, and he knew that his wife and every member of his family of origin were dead,” Judge John Mauzy Pittman wrote. “He certainly knew who was listed in his old will and was adamant that they not inherit from him.

Score: dead guy 1, greedy family 0.

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