Allegedly Abused ‘Modern Family’ Star’s mum Loses Custody As Estranged Dad Gets Control Of Her Estate

Ariel Winter Modern Family

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Ariel Winter is the 14-year-old star of ABC’s hit show “Modern Family,” but in real life, the teen is at the centre of a custody battle within her own messy family.After alleging verbal and physical abuse by her mother in November, TMZ reports that a settlement has finally been reached outside of court.

Winter, who has been living with her sister Shanelle Workman since the drama began, will remain under her sister’s care while her father will now control her estate and finances, reports TMZ.

Winter has been estranged from her father, Glenn Workman, for years and he has previously referred to the young actress as “my retirement surprise child.”

While the elder Workman has control over the estate, he must first consult with a group of professional advisers and lawyers who work directly for Ariel before making any moves.

If Workman disagrees with the advisers, a judge will act as tiebreaker.

With her father being awarded financial control and sister getting guardianship, Winter’s mother has now been completely cut out of her life.

TMZ reports the shuffle is temporary, but could become permanent in March.

After Wednesday’s settlement, Ariel’s brother Jimmy Workman told reporters his family would be seeking therapy and counseling and that his father is “happy and thrilled” with the settlement — and so is his mum, for now.

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