Brothers Of Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Tell CNN Why They Never Suspected Anything

CNNThe two brothers of Cleveland, Ohio kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro went on CNN Monday and described what it was like in the house that imprisoned the women for a decade.

Pedro and Onil Castro were initially arrested along with Ariel but were later cleared of any involvement with their brother’s alleged kidnapping. They claim to have no idea their brother was a “monster” but admit he had an odd setup at his house.

Ariel’s kitchen was surrounded by curtains, and Pedro told CNN he never, ever went past the kitchen on the rare occasions when he went to his visit his brother.

“He said he wanted to keep the heat in the kitchen because the gas bill,” Pedro told CNN.

Ariel sometimes cooked for his brother Pedro, but they always ate out on the steps. Pedro said he couldn’t ever hear what was going on in the house because of loud music or a blaring television.

“Something had to be on at all time in the kitchen. So, I couldn’t hear nothing else, but the radio or the TV,” Pedro said.

This didn’t raise any red flags because his brother was always an odd loner who wasn’t that engaged with the rest of the family, Pedro told CNN.

“Ariel, to me, he was a strange dude,” Pedro said.

While Ariel was entertaining people in the kitchen, three women were allegedly being held against their will in his basement and in an upstairs bedroom. Ariel allegedly tortured the women for more than a decade. Chains and bondage were reportedly found in the basement after the three women were finally rescued last week.

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