Ex-Wife Of Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Said He 'Frequently' Abducted Their Daughters

Ariel Castro twitter mugshot

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has new details on a dispute that kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro had with his former wife.

Castro was arrested in connection with the case of three previously missing women who escaped from his house Monday and were reportedly held in captivity for years.

A 2005 court filing obtained by the Cleveland newspaper says Castro’s former wife,¬†Grimilda Figueroa, had accused him of domestic violence. At one point, she said she suffered two broken noses, broken ribs, a knocked-out tooth, a blood clot on the brain, and two dislocated shoulders.

Figueroa’s attorney said he was worried about Castro killing her and noted that Castro “frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother” despite not having visitation rights.

Castro was previously arrested in 1993 for domestic violence, but a grand jury declined to indict him. It’s not clear whether that incident was also related to Figueroa.

Figueroa died a year ago when she was 48 years old. It is not clear how she died.

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