Meet Arianna Huffington's Right-Hand Man: "She'd Be Dead Without Him"

Roy Sekoff

Arianna Huffington is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, top executive at a multi-billion dollar public company, bestselling author, and the driving force behind a global brand that shares her name.Obviously, no one is able to achieve that kind of success alone.

And – not to take anything away from Huffington – we understand she owes a good deal of her good fortune to a tireless leiutenant named Roy Sekoff.

Sekoff’s official title is “founding editor.”

Here’s what a former Huffington Post employee who used to work out of Huffington’s California home office told us about his role in the organisation:

Roy plays a very important role with Arianna. Roy is an adult and he’s a smart guy. His instincts are good. He’s her factotum. Roy writes her stuff for her. Roy is indispensable to her.

The way it usually works is that Arianna might have an idea and might actually conceptualize something, in terms of her pieces. Sometimes she will write a very rough draft, and then it goes to Roy. She usually talks Roy through her columns over the phone, and then Roy writes them.

She’d be dead without him. Roy must get 40-50 phone calls a day from her and that’s not an exaggeration.*

Roy’s life is to a great degree occupied by running Arianna or being Arianna.

Even before the merger, Roy was working 18 hour days just to keep everything running, and putting out a lot of fires.

Briefed on these comments, a Huffington Post spokesperson told us: “Arianna has been writing columns and books for over 40 years and continues to do all of her own writing. Roy is her editor.”

Even with grey in his hair, Sekoff looks much younger than his 50 or so years. The above photo was taken just a couple years ago. He looks like an intern, right?

On TV – hes does MSNBC and Fox News – Sekoff’s got a demeanor the media trainers love: snappy and in control.

Before working with Huffington starting in 2005, Sekoff worked as a correspondent for Michael Moore’s TV show TV Nation. He’s also written a few screenplays, including one that IMDB says is currently in “pre-production.” (Called “Super Sunday,” and it’s about husband whose anniversary falls on the same day as the Super Bowl. Poor guy apparently hasn’t heard of DVR.)

Here’s an interview Sekoff gave three years ago that gives a good sense of him and how he viewed the outlet he’s done so much to make so huge:

*These comments are from a former employee who seems to have an axe to grind with Huffington, so you have to take them with a grain of salt. We used them because, agenda-driven or not, they give a clear idea of how much work Sekoff does.

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