Arianna's First Week At AOL – As Told In Twitter Pics

Arianna's first week

What’s it like selling a company named after you for a few hundred million dollars?

Don’t know.

Probably never will.

Arianna Huffington, however, does.

She sold Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million a week ago yesterday.

Arianna is also quite the avid user of Twitter and Twitter photo-sharing service, yFrog.

Browsing through her account is almost a Being John Malkovich-type experience.

Here she is about to go on to PBS.

Here she is getting mobbed by AOL employees eager to pose with their new celebrity boss.

Here she is on an analyst call.

Here she is at launch with Dianne Sawyer.

And so on.

Now that Arianna's at AOL, she better learn the rules…

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