Arianna Huffington And Sheryl Sandberg Marooned In Remote Swiss Town After Helicopter Mishap

Swiss helicopter

The DLD conference in Munich lavishes its speakers with awesome perks and swag.

So it was no surprise that, in an effort to accomodate the tight schedules of the two mega-executives who closed the conference, Arianna Huffington of AOL and Sherl Sandberg of Facebook, DLD rented a helicopter to fly the pair to their next engagement, Davos.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday, a source familiar with the situation tells us, the pair were driven 25 minutes from the conference venue to a Munich helipad and ushered into an executive helicopter for the short hop into the mountains.

At the same time, the support staffs of Huffington and Sandberg left for Davos via the more conventional way–a two-and-a-half hour drive across the Swiss border.

Alas, Alp weather did not cooperate.

A snowstorm closed in, and the Huffington and Sandberg helicopter was diverted to a town a hundred kilometers from Davos.

The brand new Audi A8s that ferried other speakers from Munich to Davos were, by that time, otherwise engaged–in part by driving the staffs of Huffington and Sandberg to Davos.

FUN FACT: Arianna Huffington carries three BlackBerries. Why? Different networks. One is AT&T, one Verizon, one T-Mobile. They all usually get reception, says a source familiar with Ms. Huffington’s thinking, but one usually gets GREAT reception.

Alas, the BlackBerries could not beam Huffington and Sandberg to Davos.

So two of America’s most powerful female executives had to do what any dime-a-dozen middle manager would do in that situation–grab a cab.

Around 7pm, they finally arrived in Davos, about two hours after their staffs. The cab driver, not surprisingly, had no idea where their hotels were.  (Fortunately, this time, the BlackBerries were able to help.)

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