Arianna Huffington Clears Up BlackBerry aeroplane Incident: I Turned It Off!

Arianna Huffington

Photo: Guest of a Guest

Nightlife blog Guest of a Guest ran into media empress Arianna Huffington last night at Betty White‘s 89th birthday party at Le Cirque, and did not hesitate to ask her about the recent incident involving a plane ride, her Blackberry, and an irate Long Island native travelling from Washington D.C. to La Guardia.Apparently in good spirits, Huffington assured her interviewer that she had indeed turned off her phone:

“I had turned it off. And then at 10,000 feet, you can turn it on again…I probably turned it on too soon but then turned it right off again.”

Huffington also said that the whole thing was blown out of proportion by the various media and blogs that covered the incident, which incidentally did not include her own.

Presumably, had the incident been about Nick Denton or any number of media moguls, HuffPo would have been on top of it.

Still, she also admits there is no excuse for using your phone on a plane at the wrong time.

Let’s hope the conciliatory tone doesn’t ruin any potentially hilarious SNL parodies.

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