Ariana Grande FaceTimed Kim Kardashian when they filmed Kris Jenner's cameo in 'Thank U, Next' — watch the footage here

Kris jenner thank u nextAriana Grande/YouTubeKris Jenner took on the role of Regina George’s mum in ‘Mean Girls.’
  • Ariana Grande recently released more behind-the-scenes footage from her “Thank U, Next” music video shoot.
  • One clip shows Kim Kardashian West on FaceTime, watching her mum Kris Jenner film a cameo scene.
  • Kardashian West calls it “so funny” while Grande looks on, laughing.

On Friday, Grande released more behind-the-scenes footage from her “Thank U, Next” music video shoot – and one clip reveals that Kim Kardashian West was on FaceTime while Kris Jenner filmed her cameo scene.

Jenner was tapped to portray Regina George’s mum, originally played by Amy Poehler, who coined the now-iconic phrase: “I’m not like a regular mum, I’m a cool mum.”

Jenner’s casting was, of course, spot-on (Regina even has a younger sister named Kylie). Even Jenner’s daughter agrees.

“Is that my mum?” Kardashian West can be heard excitedly asking on FaceTime. She later tells Jenner that her scene was “so funny.”

Kris jenner cameo thank u nextAriana Grande/YouTubeKris Jenner showed off her dance movies.

“Say hi to Kim everybody!” Jenner says, turning the phone screen to face the audience on set.

One can assume that Kardashian West’s FaceTime-fuelled sneak peek was the reason she tweeted about witnessing “the best funniest thing of all time,” tagging Grande in the process.

Grande herself seemed delighted by Jenner’s acting skills; the behind-the-scenes clip shows her looking on, laughing.

Ariana grande thank u next behind the scenesAriana Grande/YouTubeAriana Grande was outfitted in a Santa costume to recreate the Plastics’ performance at the talent show.

Kardashian West previously revealed that her mum has been “milking” her fan-favourite role in the music video.

You can watch the full behind-the-scenes video below.


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