Ariana Grande unveiled the stunning cover for her 'Thank U, Next' album and said it's her favourite so far

  • Ariana Grande revealed the cover art for her “Thank U, Next” album, which will be released on Friday, February 8.
  • The upside down photo features Grande in her signature ponytail and wearing black lipstick (which was inspired by her mum).
  • The album title is also painted on her chest.

Ariana Grande just revealed the cover art for her highly anticipated fifth album, “Thank U, Next.”

The 25-year-old shared the image on her @sweetener Instagram account and her other social media handles. Similar to Grande’s 2018 “Sweetener” album (and other photos that Grande posts online), the cover for “Thank U, Next” features the singer upside down and rocking her signature ponytail.

You can see the image below.

Grande took to Twitter to break down details about the cover, which she says might be her favourite so far.

The “Imagine” singer explained that the black ‘Thank U, Next” writing that appears on her chest was painted by her longtime backup dancer and friend Brian Nicholson. The font is also similar to her cover art for “7 Rings.” In addition, the photo was taken by Alfredo Flores, a music director and another member of Grande’s inner circle.

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Grande also joked about some of her previous album covers for “Yours Truly” (her debut studio album) and “My Everything” (her sophomore album), where she appeared to be sleeping due to her poses.

The record-breaking singer went on to share kind words about her mother, Joan Grande, who inspired her to wear black lipstick on the album cover.

“I hope I can be as fly and wonderful and graceful as you are one day,” she wrote.

When asked to name her three favourite songs from “Thank U, Next” (which is comprised of 12 tracks) Grande said that she couldn’t.

“I really don’t have one,” she responded.

“Thank U, Next” is available for pre-order beginning on Friday, January 25 and will be released on Friday, February 8. The track list includes several songs that fans are already familiar with, including the titular track, “7 Rings,” and “Imagine.”


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