Ariana Grande revealed why Mac Miller isn't in the 'Burn Book' scene of her new music video

Republic Records/YouTubeAriana Grande chose not to include Mac Miller in the ‘Mean Girls’ scene.
  • Ariana Grande addressed the decision to leave Mac Miller out of the “Burn Book” in her new “Thank U, Next” music video.
  • She confirmed to a fan on Twitter that his photo is placed next to her bed instead, though the photo is not shown in the final video.
  • Grande also seemingly confirmed that she broke off her engagement with Pete Davidson by writing “sry [sic] I dipped” on his page in the book.

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” music video is finally out after weeks of sneak peeks on social media.

The Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip includes references to iconic early-2000s films like “Legally Blonde” and “Bring it On,” but the opening “Mean Girls” scene seems to have generated the most discussion.

The scene shows Grande flipping through a “Burn Book” filled with photos of her exes. Her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who passed away in September, is noticeably missing from the pages.

Instead, Grande looks upwards as she sings the line “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, ’cause he was an angel,” in tribute to the late rapper (whose real name is Malcolm McCormick).

Ariana Grande thank u next videoRepublic Records/YouTubeGrande looks upwards during her lyric about Miller.

As Elle points out, it turns out that Grande actually addressed the decision not to include a page for Miller back in November. When a fan mistakenly thought his photo would be in the book, Grande replied with, “M ain’t in the book he [sic] next to my bed.”

Though his photo is never clearly shown in the final video, it appears that its placed next to Grande’s bed, which the singer appears to briefly glance at during the lyric.

Ariana grande burn bookRepublic Records/YouTubeGrande glances at her bedside table during the song.

Before the tribute to Miller, Grande flips through pages with photos of her exes that include Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez, though the final page for ex-fiancé Pete Davidson has garnered the most attention. Grande is seen writing, “sry [sic] I dipped,” seemingly confirming that she was the one who broke off their engagement.

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Ariana Grande thank u next pete davidsonRepublic Records/YouTube‘sry I dipped’

Watch the full “Thank U, Next” video below:


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