Arian Foster Doesn’t Care for ESPN’s Colin Cowherd

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Arian Foster

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Over the course of a weekend, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster managed to offend a group of people the size of Madagascar and then win them back by offending a single man.Foster re-aggravated a hamstring injury in Saturday’s preseason game against San Francisco. Upon hearing public concern regarding the injury’s effect on his fantasy value – and not his personal well-being – Foster took to Twitter, referring to those worried parties as “sick.”

But such headlines were quickly upstaged by a developing Twitter feud between Foster and the divisive ESPN radio personality, Colin Cowherd. Loved by some and hated by many, Cowherd responded with a remark that didn’t sit well with the running back.

Foster’s response to Cowherd was classic:

“Did you want to be a critic as a child? Or did your dreams die with your humility.”

Many view Cowherd as a pompous and arrogant man always needing the last word.

In a related note, Cowherd responded to the outstanding tweet with a less than effective effort of his own:

“Arian Foster, according to Wikipedia, enjoys poetry. So here goes…um, anyone have a word that rhymes with fantasy.”