Ari Gold's Brother WILL BE Obama's Chief Of Staff

UPDATE: It’s official. Rahm Emanuel has been picked to be Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

EARLIER: This cabinet is going to be awesome.

WSJ: House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel is likely to be offered the post of White House Chief of Staff in an Obama administration, congressional sources said this morning.

Obama aides said no final decisions had been made and no announcements are expected today.

But Emanuel’s name has been floating around Washington for days, surprising many who had thought the Chicago congressman would rather remain on Capitol Hill where his power has been on the rise. He was chairman of the House Democrats’ campaign arm in 2006, the year the party retook power in the House with a win of more than 30 seats.

For all two of you who don’t watch Entourage, the Ari Gold character is based on agent Ari Emanuel, brother of Rep. Rahm Emanuel.





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