Ari Emanuel Isn't On LinkedIn Because He Doesn't Want You Getting In Touch

ari emanuel

Photo: AP

Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel sees no reason to put his life or business details out there on the public Internet.Last night at an event in Silicon Valley sponsored by the Churchill Club, Emanuel explained how he’s using social networks to broaden the reach of his clients.

For instance, he helped set up an official Facebook site for Twilight star Taylor Lautner, which gets far more traffic than the previous “official” site set up by Twilight producers Lionsgate, and which also ensures that Lautner retains control of his image as he moves on to new projects.

So a member of the audience asked why Emanuel was not on LinkedIn, and more generally why sites like William Morris endeavour — the agency that Emanuel co-leads — have “less information than the CIA.”

When Emanuel asked why he’d want to do that, the questioner looked stumped for a second, then stumbled over some words about transparency and influence.

Here’s what Emanuel said:

I don’t need your influence. I don’t want your information, so you don’t get mine. Not everything should be shared. If somebody wants to share their life, great. I don’t have to. It’s not required. So I’m not gonna fucking do it.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner later pointed out that Emanuel faces the same problem as a lot of famous people who avoid social networks — fear of asymmetrical relationships. That is, a lot more people want something from Emanuel — to read their script or book or watch their video — than Emanuel wants from them. He’s already got a huge Rolodex and doesn’t need to use an online social network to build more connections.

That said, Weiner pointed out that LinkedIn is great for the hundreds of millions of professionals who aren’t as well-connected as Emanuel, but who would like to be.

The takeaway: if you’re already famous, social networks are just another broadcast medium.

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