Bus Station Erupts With Heckling At Argentine Finance Minister And His Family

Things are looking bad for Argentina’s economy — central bank reserves are at 2007 lows due to capital flight, inflation is heading up, and the IMF is ready to punish the country for manipulating economic statistics.

This is not the time when, as a Minister of the Economy, you want to get caught coming back from vacation in Uruguay with your family.

But that’s just what happened to Vice Finance Minister Axel Kicillof, a young father, and his wife as they were taking the Buquebus shuttle home from beach spot Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, La Nacion reports.

You can check the video out below courtesy of infobae.com. It’s only about 6 minutes long but La Nacion reports that the heckling lasted for about a half an hour.

If you don’t speak Spanish, what the crowd is saying is a collection of… “Thief, thief, thief! (Ladron!)” and the chanting is “Caradura!”, which doesn’t have a direct translation in English but is what you call someone who has a lot of nerve — in a bad, bad way.

Things get really interesting around 5:00 when Kicillof carrying his son and with his wife (wearing stripes) boards the shuttle and the crowd gets closer to him and shouting louder.

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