Are You Waiting For Windows 7? You’re Not Alone (MSFT)


Microsoft Vista is rapidly becoming the most maligned operating system since Windows ME. Business Week has a story about the biggest of the big business, including General Motors (GM) that are avoiding Vista. Their plan — just hunker down and wait for the next iteration of Windows, Windows 7, due out in 2010 or 2011.

For its part, Microsoft says it has sold 140 million copies of the OS, which means it’s installed on about the same percentage of machines as XP was at this point in its life.

Lousy but not unexpected news for Microsoft, whose dominant Windows group has been under fire for quite some time. And it’s showing: Revenues were down 2% y/y in the last quarter, and profits were down 11% y/y. Those numbers should bump up again this quarter, but no matter how Redmond is spinning this, Vista has been a disappointment.

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