Are You Ready For The Mini Tsunami’s Affecting Your Data? No Excuse – Backup

I’ve been using computers, in one way, or another since I was about 13 or 14 years old. Back then, we would ensure all of our important files were backed up to floppy disks. Then our needs for data grew and we ensured they were stored on DVDs or CDs. Of course many businesses used tape backup as well, but managing and changing a box of tapes is not easy.

Today, in particular, with so many of us as information creators and distributors, backup to physical media is really not a great option. It is critical that we implement processes, whether we’re solo entrepreneurs or business owners of a 48 employee company, to enable us to leverage the benefits of faster and more ubiquitous Internet access – protect and secure our data.

This means two things:

We should ensure our data is accessible via a web browser. You should not be constrained to the computer on your desk or in your back, but you should have access to most of your important data from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Secondly, all of your data, on all of your computers should be backed up through an online service. It’s just easier and safer.

In a recent survey Carbonite (who I use) said that 40-two per cent of SMBs surveyed confirmed they have experienced data loss. Of those, 32 per cent indicated they never retrieved the lost files. Small-business owners backing up data are spending a significant amount of time on the administrative task of backup. Among those surveyed, 65 per cent reported that the owner of the small business was responsible for backup.

Backup, like insurance, is one of these administratively boring tasks that has no direct bearing on our cash flow, customer service or anything else – UNTIL disaster strikes.

Be a smart business own and plan for the FUTURE.

Work with your local technology consultant (or just head over to,, or other online back up companies) to ensure that your data, ALL of your data is properly backed up and able to be easily recovered.

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