'ARE YOU MUSLIM?': The stunning moment Pauline Hanson realised Sam Dastyari's background on live TV

Pauline Hanson. Photo: Saeed Khan/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Six people were arrested last night when hundreds of anti-Pauline Hanson protesters gathered outside the ABC’s Ultimo studios, along with dozens of the senator-elect’s supporters, ahead of the broadcast of Q&A.

Hanson was there to join host Tony Jones and co-panellist Senator Sam Dastyari, among others for the evening’s show.

Earlier in the day TV host Sonia Kruger had gone on the Today morning show and shared her Donald Trump-esque view about banning Muslims from coming to Australia.

This topic dominated the show, and the back and forth between Hanson and Dastyari was the focal point. Here’s how it played out.

“When someone like Sonia Kruger goes on this morning and talks about banning muslims from coming to the country, or it’s black and white in Pauline Hanson’s policy document, what they are effectively saying is that people like my parents shouldn’t have been allowed to come to this country because of where they were born… It’s hurtful and it’s painful,” Dastyari says.

The penny drops. Hanson replies: “Are you Muslim?”

Dastyari is so shocked he has no words.

“Really? Gee whiz,” Hanson says. Her words are almost inaudible above the roaring laughter of the show’s audience.

“I’ve never hidden away,” said Dastyari.

“So were you sworn in under the Koran?” says Hanson.

“I was born in an Islamic nation and by being born under an Islamic law…” says Dastyari.

“So you’re Muslim?” Hanson interrupts.

“In places like Iran my parents fled to come to this country,” Dastyari tries to finish his sentence.

“Are you a practising Muslim? This is quite interesting,” she continues.

“Ms Hanson I think you’re trying to make a joke out of what is a serious [issue],” Dastyari says.

“No I’m surprised. I didn’t know that about you,” says Hanson.

To which guest Larissa Waters pipes up and says: “What, because he doesn’t have three heads?”

See the clip here.


Hanson later sided with Kruger’s comments, saying that is about time someone else stood up for what they thought.

“You know, you mention Sonia Kruger. And I’m like ‘Go, Sonia!’ because I think it’s great that someone is actually standing up because she has expressed her feelings about it.”

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