These Are The Times When Being Angry Is Effective

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We’re all well aware of the downsides of anger but aren’t there times when getting pissed off could be a really good idea? What’s the upside to anger?

  • Anger focuses attention on rewards, increases persistence, makes us feel in control and more optimistic about achieving our goals.
  • Angry people are more logical and rage, believe it or not, can make you more open-minded. For brief periods it makes you more creative. Sometimes it can improve your ability to negotiate.
  • Negative moods enhance learning. Anger can signal honesty and make people think you’re competent and higher status (if you’re a man.)
  • If you skip the blaming, yelling and swearing, anger can actually be good for a relationship. (Although there are other situations where swearing is helpful.)
  • Being an angry jerk relieves stress. Who is most likely to get angry? Strong men and hot women.
  • What if you have to deal with an angry person? First off, tell yourself they are having a bad day and that it’s not about you. That’ll stop you from losing your cool. Past that there are a number of good strategies for talking them down.
  • So maybe you don’t want to be angry anymore. How do you pull that one off? Well, venting doesn’t work. Focus on the positive, check out some art or just eat something sugary.

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