Are Miami Heat Fans Parasites?

miami heat

If you want to be depressed, go to and read the editorials and comments regarding Lebron’s big middle finger to the city of Cleveland, going on national TV to announce that he was ditching his city.

And if you’re a Clevelander, and you want to be REALLY depressed, then watch videos of Miami heat fans jumping up and down on news that Lebron was headed their way.

Now, we get why they were so psyched. There’s a good shot that the Heat will win a championship in the near future. But there’s something obnoxiously asymmetrical here.

Heat fans, excepting perhaps the ones who have paid up for season tickets, have no skin in the game. They have no downside. They don’t contribute to LeBron’s salary in any direct. It’s all upside, with no downside.

Essentially, Heat fans are feeding off the team’s decision to shell out more than $100 million to bring LeBron to their city-by-the-beach. The relationship is parasitical.

This could actually be extended to many sports fans, except perhaps the diehard ones that actually get despondent when their team loses. They have the right to go nuts when something good happens.

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