Are AOL Blog Cuts Permanent, After All? (TWX)

AOL party line about the cutbacks at some of the company’s blogs — just temporary tweaks, through the end of the month. And some AOL bloggers have volunteered to write for free, anyway. But everything goes back to normal in August.

Not so, some of AOL’s bloggers tell us. They say that this morning, they were told to check in with their manager via IM. Some were told that in August, it’s back to business as normal. But for writers at some sites, the cutbacks are being made permanent, effectively putting a few bloggers out of a job. We’ve put in a request for comment to Brad Hill, who runs the Weblogs unit for AOL.

Unlike the pageviews-based pay at Gawker Media, AOL’s bloggers are paid a flat rate per post — usually about $15.  In some cases, that’s been enough to eke out a modest living. Looks like some of them are going to have to get real jobs.

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