This T-Shirt Lets You Play Tetris

In honour of the 30th anniversary of Tetris, one fan decided to bring the popular game to a new platform: his t-shirt.

Luxembourg resident Marc Kerger uploaded a video of the unique t-shirt to YouTube, showing how you can actually play Tetris on the shirt. Adafruit originally discovered the video and posted it on its site.

“I always wanted a playable t-shirt, well now I made one myself,” Kerger said on the video’s page.

Kerger made the Tetris shirt by inserting an Arduino Uno, 4 AA batteries, and 128 LEDs into the garment.

This is how the shirt works:

First Kerger plugs the shirt into the Arduino unit.

Then the shirt lights up as the Tetris blocks fall down.

Kerger can press the buttons on the shirt to move the Tetris shapes.

And this is what happens when you lose.

Kerger suggests playing this in the background while watching the video:

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