Architects Turned A Master Bedroom Into A 130-Square-Foot Apartment [PHOTOS]

Mini Paris Studio

From NYC’s micro apartments to one couple’s 140-square-foot home, small living spaces are the “it” trend in home design.

And now it seems they’ve made their way over to Europe.

First reported on by Wired, American architect Marc Baillargeon and French architect Julie Nabucet converted a 130-square-foot master bedroom in Paris into a chic studio, and the result is incredible.

The apartment is located in the Montparnasse neighbourhood of Paris, and was created for the owner’s son. In order to work, their design needed to be hyper-efficient in space, aesthetics, and storage.

The end product is a bi-level studio apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and even a hidden pull-out bed.

You have to see it to believe it.

What was originally a master bedroom with nine-foot-tall ceilings is now a bi-level living space.

It has steps that lead to the kitchen, eating, and bathroom areas.

The living area can be converted to a bedroom in a moment's notice. The kitchen table and second level help make the two areas feel separate.

The couch easily becomes a bed in a few simple steps.

The kitchen has a sink, oven, and hinged-cabinets so no space is wasted.

The bathroom's frosted glass door lets light into the small studio.

It slides open easily to reveal the modern bathroom.

The bathroom has storage space above the sink behind the mirror.

As well as a shower.

For the shelves and table, the architects used a durable Finnish birch plywood.

There's even a desk in the corner for the new student owner.

Someone lives in an even smaller space!

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