Fans can’t get over how much Archie resembles Prince Harry in a new video shared on his 1st birthday

Fans think Archie looks just like Prince Harry in a new video. Save The Children UK/ Instagram/ Tim Graham Photo Library/ Getty Images
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released a new video of their son Archie in honour of his first birthday.
  • In the video, which was shared to the Save the Children UKInstagram account, Markle reads to Archie, and Harry can be heard off-screen.
  • Fans quickly noticed how much Archie resembles his father after the clip was released, comparing Harry’s baby photos to the latest footage of Archie.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie celebrated his first birthday on Wednesday, with his parents releasing a new video of him in honour of the occasion.

The video, released through the charity Save The Children UK, shows Archie sitting in Markle’s lap, having a story read to him.

Harry can be heard off-camera, laughing at his son and contributing to the story with animal noises.

Meghan markle and archie birthday
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released a new video of Archie in honour of his first birthday. Save the Children UK, Instagram

Fans were smitten by the video, commenting on how much Archie had grown since Harry and Markle last released footage of him.

But despite the fact that Archie sat with his mother in the clip, fans couldn’t help but notice how much the 1-year-old looked like his father.

People have said Archie looks like his mum and dad at different points throughout his life, but he’s always closely resembled his father.

Comparing the latest footage of him with Harry’s baby photos shows that their similarities are uncanny.

Baby Prince Harry 1985
A photo of Harry as a baby shows how much the father and son duo look alike. Tim Graham Photo Library/ Getty Images

Both Archie and Harry have distinct red hair, though Archie’s is still growing in. Their eyebrows and cheekbones seem to have a similar structure as well.

Almost immediately after the video was posted, people began posting on social media to comment on how much Archie takes after his father.

Archie seems to look more and more like Prince Harry as he ages, but only time will tell if his resemblance to his father will continue to grow as he gets older.

You can see Save The Children’s Instagram post here.