Here's The Spike Jonze/Arcade Fire Film Everyone Will Be Talking About In A Few Hours

arcade fire

The Arcade Fire’s album “The Suburbs” won a Grammy and inspired some of the best music videos of 2010.

Now, it’s getting the movie treatment.

“Scenes from the Suburbs” is a 28-minute short from Spike Jonze — who directed the wonderful video for “The Suburbs” — and the band.

The synopsis for the new film:

Director Spike Jonze teams up with Arcade Fire to create a 30-minute short film inspired by their critically acclaimed album, “The Suburbs,” and its themes of war and coming of age in suburbia. Co-written by Jonze & Arcade Fire’s Win Butler & Will Butler, this companion piece to the album follows the narrator, living in a suburban dystopia, trying to piece together fragmented memories from when he was a teenager, and his experiences with his friends as they grow apart.

You can watch the trailer here and the full video here. Everyone is going to send you links to this at some point this week. You should just watch now.

The original video for “The Suburbs” is below.

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