Today’s Crazy Kickstarter Project: Build An Artificial Island The Size Of Manhattan

Entrepreneur Bernard Way has created a Kickstarter Page for an incredible project: building an artificial floating island the size of Manhattan. TheNextWeb has the story.

Way says the project is technologically achievable. He freely admits that the $50,000 he’s raising are a drop in the ocean but says it’s a start to get architects and civil engineers to start working on it. “We are creating a new civilisation from scratch, the scientific, economic, social and technological implications are huge.”

The sheer grandiosity of the project reminds us of another project, to build a glass dome over Chicago. That wasn’t a Kickstarter project, however: it was on ThePoint, Groupon’s first incarnation. The outlandishness of the projects on ThePoint convinced founder Andrew Mason to focus on more achievable goals like getting discounts from the bar across the street.

It’s also reminiscent of the libertarian “Seasteading” project to build floating self-sustaining communities at sea, which has some prominent tech backers like Peter Thiel.

Here’s Way explaining the project:

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