A 'soy sauce microbrewery' just sued Arby's over its latest marketing slogan

Arby’s will no longer tell you to “Eat Your Bourbon.”

The fast-food chain was sued by Bourbon Barrel Foods, a Louisville, Kentucky-based gourmet food company that claims to be the US’s only “soy sauce microbrewery,” after Arby’s used the phrase to market its new line of bourbon sandwich, reports WDRB.

Bourbon Barrel Foods founder, Matt Jamie, says that his company trademarked the phrase “Eat Your Bourbon” to sell items such as bourbon barbecue sauce, soy sauce, and chilli powder.

Jamie told WDRB that Arby’s agreed to stop using the trademark one day after the company sued the chain for trademark infringement on Wednesday.

Arby’s did not respond to Business Insider’s request to comment.

The sandwich chain introduced the Bourbon Bacon and Steak, Brisket, and Turkey sandwiches to the menu in April.

The chain has apparently scrubbed the phrase “Eat Your Bourbon” from advertising, with the website currently showcasing the sandwiches under the phrase “We Paired Bourbon With Meats. And Buns.”

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