You can play Street Fighter in 'real life' with this augmented reality game

If you’ve ever wanted to play a more intense and realistic version of “Street Fighter,” then this augmented reality game is for you. Following is a transcript of the video.

Street Fighter. In real life. This is an AR project created by Abhishek Singh.

Abhishek Singh:I wanted to create a shared multiplayer AR experience, and somehow the idea of Street Fighter popped into my head because it was something I grew up playing, something I associated with a lot and I knew that a lot of other people would be able to relate with immediately.

Abhishek is a UX engineer at self-driving startup May Mobility. But when he isn’t working on self-driving cars, he is building other tech products for fun.

Singh: I created the project using Unity. Unity is a game development engine, which is extremely popular amongst creators and indie game developers. They have an ARKit package. An ARKit is Apple’s augmented reality package that allows you to essentially place objects into the real world.

His Street Fighter project isn’t the only project to gain attention.

Mario, anyone?

Singh: I had a HoloLens, luckily, through a department at NYU that I could play with. So, AR at that point of time was extremely interesting to me. ARKit, ARCore, hadn’t been released, and this was really the first device that you could use to play around with augmented reality. So, since I had a HoloLens at hand, I thought I would start experimenting and just trying to figure out how to actually build something for this.

Don’t try this one if “The Ring” scares you.

Abhishek has also worked on hardware. His creations are perfect for GIF lovers.

Singh: I build mostly out of fun and out of passion and also as an opportunity to learn something about a space that I’m interested in. AR has this potential of – every trip you take, or everything that you do, or everything that you took for granted – could become a delightful experience in itself.

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