'Aquaman' has one of the best Christmas Day box office performances ever, while 'Holmes and Watson' has one of the worst

Warner Bros.‘Aquaman.’
  • “Aquaman” earned $US22 million on Dec. 25, the sixth-best Christmas Day performance ever.
  • The movie earned $US105.7 million since it opened in the US last Friday.
  • The Will Farrell/John C. Reilly comedy “Holmes and Watson” only earned $US6.4 million on its Christmas opening, one of the worst single-day performances on the holiday.

Warner Bros.’s “Aquaman” continues to dominate the domestic box office.

The DC Comics superhero already broke the studio’s record for its biggest box office release ever in China, and now it’s ruled the all-important Christmas Day in the US, taking in an impressive $US22 million on the holiday.

That’s the sixth-best single day take on Christmas, besting 2004’s “Meet the Fockers ($US19.5 million) and performing just under 2009’s “Avatar” ($US23 million).

“Aquaman” earned $US105.7 million over the five-day Christmas holiday weekend and has grossed over $US500 million worldwide.

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Sony, however, didn’t have a merry Christmas.

Its Christmas Day opening for the latest Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly comedy “Holmes and Watson” had one of the worst single-day openings on the holiday, earning only $US6.4 million. Things didn’t look good for the movie leading up to the holiday, as critics were not invited to see the movie before it opened in theatres.

The studio projects the movie to earn between $US18 million and $US20 million by Sunday, far below its production budget of $US42 million.

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