Apture Raises $4.1 Million, Gets NYT Deal


Silicon Valley-based Apture has raised $4.1 million in Series A financing to build out a set of publisher tools that add context to news stories and blog posts. Clearstone Venture Partners led the round.

Apture’s elegant pop-up windows, which the Washington Post and New York Times are using on some of their sites, add context to news articles and blog posts, ranging from charts (pictured) to Wikipedia articles to YouTube videos to Twitter streams. (By now, you’re probably familiar with pop-up tools appearing on news sites and blogs, such as the “SnapShots” links on our site. Unlike those, which pop up when you hover your mouse cursor over them, Apture’s need a click.)

What’s the point for publishers? By adding more context to a blog post, such as a relevant YouTube video, visitors could conceivably spend more time on a site, increasing its “engagement” stats. Or if the Apture pop-up also includes links to related stories on the publisher’s site, visitors could tack on another pageview or two to their visit.

Apture’s software is free for personal use but paid for commercial use, such as what the WaPo and NYT are doing. The company, led by former Apple employee Tristan Harris, has nine employees.

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