A former Googler and Twitter executive reveals how she rose through the ranks and landed one of the most important jobs at Silicon Valley's hottest startup, Slack

April Underwood

April Underwood has worked at two of Silicon Valley’s most iconic internet companies: Google and Twitter.

Now she’s heading up the product team at Slack, the red-hot $US5 billion workplace chat startup that’s expected to IPO next year.

In an exclusive profile with Business Insider, Underwood discusses:

  • Taking the reins on product from Slack’s visionary founder Stewart Butterfield.
  • The reason why so many consumer internet executives and managers are jumping into the once-unsexy enterprise software world.
  • Her vision for transforming Slack into the world’s communications hub.

“I think there are a lot of people finding that working in enterprise, you build the best software you can and sell it for what feels like a fair price,” Underwood says. “It’s a simplification in a way because you’re not balancing for two different audiences. You’re just building for your customers.”

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