Protesters Storm Wall Street, No One Can Move, And Everyone Gets Annoyed

Oh, protesters. You cause so much trouble and create such a spectacle.

Yesterday, a whole bunch of you stormed Wall Street to protest in favour of more regulation.

Sadly, almost everyone just ends up laughing at you and undermining your mission.

Wall Street got ready for the event early with stuff like bomb-sniffing dogs...

And automatic guns...

And nitrogen tanks? What are those for?

These guys got out there at 4 PM and had to wait an hour before there was any protest action

Then around 5 PM, the bankers saw the protesters just peaking over the horizon...

Are you wondering who all these crazy people are, sir?

They're angry protesters, of course! Goldman got the prize for the most shout-outs.

And the most attractive protesters.

SORRY, SORRY, we take that back. This guy is hot.

WHAT, is that Madoff?!

Citigroup got a few shout-outs too

Meet the smartest protester we saw all day.

Some of the others couldn't even hold up their signs longer than fifteen minutes into the march

That's around the time the bankers stopped caring.

Except for the ones that couldn't get anywhere, like this poor guy, who just wanted to cross the street.

The second-smartest protest or we saw all day. This guy wore a mask.

And the dumbest (but very funny) banker.

And then soon it was like the march wasn't even there

And before long, even some of the protesters were too busy texting to be angry anymore.

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