Need Some Extra Cash? Here Are A Few Super Useful Apps You Should Download Now

leah busque taskrabbitLeah Busque of TaskRabbit.

There’s a better way to make a buck.Startups like TaskRabbit and Zaarly are here to help you make some money while helping people out with tasks ranging from housework to simply walking a dog.

And they aren’t the only ones. Plenty of other companies operate on a similar idea, connecting strangers who can help each other out for a fee.

Here’s a look at some of the big names in the space.


TaskRabbit lets you hire someone to run your errands when you're too busy or just don't feel like doing them. It's only available in major cities like NYC, Boston, Austin.

Check out TaskRabbit here >

iTunes link >


Zaarly exists to help you buy and sell anything locally. Use it to unload things you don't want anymore or to offer some sort of service to help rake in some cash.

Check out Zaarly here >

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Maybe you'd rather put your living space to work instead of breaking a sweat yourself. Airbnb lets you make your home available to people to stay on a nightly basis for a fee. Start your own bed and breakfast!

Check out Airbnb here >

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Big-name companies put listings on Gigwalk to help employ a mobile workforce. Tasks can vary from photographing a store display to make sure it's set up correctly to taking a picture of the vodka section of a liquor store so a vodka company can see what its product looks to the public.

There's plenty of room for the common man as well. We found a listing for someone needing help recording a voiceover for a video.

Click here to check out Gigwalk >

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Redbeacon is a home services specialty site. If you can offer your skills as a plumber, builder, cleaner, or some other sort of home care specialist, Redbeacon will connect you with someone in need of your services.

Here's how Redbeacon works >

iTunes link >


What can you do that's worth $5? If you have a good answer make yourself available on Fiverr, where the going rate for everything is $5.

Items can vary from custom artwork to translation services to the totally silly and mundane. But money's money, and people are spending it here.

Check out Fiverr here >

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