11 apps that have actually changed people's lives

When I discover an awesome new app, and am excited about it, I can have a tendency to exaggerate how much it changed my life.

But there are some apps that truly do.

A recent Quora thread asked the simple question: “What app changed your life?” The answers ranged from apps that inspired people to become programmers, to those that helped them make new friends or quit smoking. But all of them had significantly altered the way the person went about his or her life.

We went through and picked 11 of the most useful responses. Here they are:


'It's a real skill to be able to treat our thoughts with rationality and objectivity, to recognise them as just thoughts and feelings and not include them in our identity. Headspace offers series of guided meditation, and it's really helped me through some of the tougher days to make me feel grounded again.'

-Kelly Li



'I always had an aversion to reading newspapers, not because of what they printed but because I found it really hard to concentrate on each article (owing to their overwhelming size). They also restrict you to depend on a single source for all of your news. Inshorts, on the other hand is a news-curating app that presents the most relevant news in less than 60 words. It gives you a lot more in a lot less and saves a lot of your time. The best part, it only serves you facts, no opinions!'

-Khushi Desai



'It has made my life so freaking simple. There is a sense of control. I know things now. There is definite proof.'

-Aditya Joshi



'Listening to music really helps with my productivity. It allows me to block out distractions. Since I started using brain.fm, I've seen an increase in my productivity, focus, and sleep.'

-Hien Lam



'I personally used this app extensively in sharing the bills for room rent, electricity , and for other house hold items along with my room mates.'

-Ankush Maheshwari


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

'Basically, downloading Instagram made me aware of what all is out there besides normal, humanly things. It allowed me to be introduced to the beauty of outer space and everything that it holds. It made me aspire to do great things in the future in astrophysics. I don't know what I'd be without Instagram'

-Mae Hagelgans

Smoke Free

Smoke Free

'It helped me quit smoking, only helped me, yes only helped me. Whenever I had urge to smoke I opened this app and write about how I felt and how many days I am smoke free and how much money I saved, which encouraged me for not giving up to that urge. And today it has been 16 months since I smoked cigarette.'

-Rahul Tiwari



'Every time I use it I'm reminded that it's the best app on my phone ... Forest forces me to stay present in the current moment, and to use my time more effectively.'

-Joey Carmello



'The app is really simple -- its primary purpose is to track when your period occurs and then predict the next month's cycle. The amazing thing was, just taking that one little step to take ownership of my period has totally changed how I feel about it. It isn't some big surprise each month, because the app tells me pretty accurately the day on which it will occur. Recording details about collection methods, etc, has gotten me much more comfortable with accepting that this isn't some shameful secret. It's just a normal part of having a female body.'

-Bethany Baker

Pokémon Go

Jean Chung/Getty Images

'Now a days me and my friends use to go for morning and evening walks nearly daily. Always visiting new places and meeting new people. We are just amazed to see how a game can make lazy-bags like us active and full of life -- visiting new places and meeting new people.'

-Abhishek Keshri

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