These Apps Should Be Turned Into Game Shows

Draw Something

Last week, CBS announced a Ryan Seacrest-produced game show based on the hit app “Draw Something” is in the works, which, surprisingly, might not be the worst idea in the world.Zynga’s guessing game asks users to draw images of a selection of their choice (think Pictionary) and send it to their friends to solve.

The show will be similar to NBC’s late ’80s quiz game “Win, Lose or Draw” which saw celebrities essentially play charades with pictures in the comfort of Burt Reynold‘s living room. 

With a slew of board-games-turned-films in the works, we decided to take a look at other apps that should be turned into game shows. 

Angry Birds

The popular game by Rovio Mobile lets users soar birds through the air to destroy egg-stealing pigs and their castles.

A cartoon is already in the works, but what about a 'Wipeout'-style game show? There can even be teams (birds and pigs, obviously) competing against one another.

Words With Friends

During the '80s, Chuck Woolery hosted game show, 'Scrabble.'

This could be re-envisioned on the small screen.

Maybe Woolery would even be interested in a modern-day version of the game.

Bag It!

Hidden Variable Studios' Bag It! asks players to literally bag groceries in Tetris-like fashion.

How would this work on television? Simple.

Think 'Supermarket Sweep,' with rounds specifically devoted to bagging.

Hanging With Friends

We know what you're thinking, 'Really Hangman?,' but hear us out. The app could definitely make for an interesting TV choice.

Think about how much it could be sensationalized: A simple game of Hangman isn't exciting … unless you've got a friend holding onto a rope over a pool of something very messy (a safer alternative to the app's lava and balloons). It's not just about correctly guessing the word before running out of strikes, it's also about your partner being able to hold on for his life. With each strike, the rope could get smaller/more slippery/heavier.

Temple Run

Temple Run is exactly what it sounds like. The game asks players to outrun doom in classic Indiana Jones fashion.

The app could easily lend itself to an obstacle course game show. It could be as slapstick as 'Wipeout' or involve actual running through jungles and forests. Temple Run could even be converted into a kids' show (think this generation's 'Legends of the Hidden Temple').

We've showed you apps that should be turned into television shows ...

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