Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week


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This week saw the introduction of a few new apps and some excellent updates to existing apps.Pocket, a popular “read it later” service, was updated to support sharing articles to Chrome, Kippt, and

And Zillow has released an app that you can use to help you find your next home.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

Gojee: Food & Drinks Recipes

Gojee is a beautiful app that reccomends delicious food and drink recipies. The app reccomendations recipies from over 200 of the world's best bloggers and gives you a completely personalised experience.

Price: Free


One of our favourite Read It Later services received an update this week. Pocket now allows users to share their saved articles to Google Chrome, Kippt, and

Pocket is really gaining traction, the app has reached 1 million saved articles per day and and recently raised $5M from Google Ventures and others.

Price: Free

Zillow Rentals will help you find a new apartment

Zillow's latest app is perfect for finding a new home or apartment. The app is very easy to use and allows you to search near your GPS location or draw your own search boundaries anywhere on the map.

Another neat feature is the ability to compare favourites side-by-side to see which apartment or house has the best balance of price and size.

Price: Free

CNN will keep you on top of the presidential election

Want to stay on top of the latest election coverage?

CNN has updated its app with the US Election centre, a means to keep track of where the candidates are and what they've been up to.

Price: free

The Golden Years: Way Out West, is a new Sim City-like game

The Golden Years is most comparable to a Western-themed Sim City. Develop frontier towns into booming cities and manage your resources carefully.

Price: $1.99

ESPN ScoreCenter For iPad will let you track your favourite teams

ESPN's sports tracking app lets you follow teams, scores, and standings from around the world. It's gotten a nice makeover for easier navigation in this latest update.

Price: free

Blast-A-Way is a new 3D puzzle game

Get ready to use all of your brain in this 3D puzzle game. Navigate robots to save little 'boxies' from different environments and bring them to safety.

Price: $4.99

American Idol Live! Tour

Fancy yourself a singer? Now you can put your singing skills to the test with this app. Sing into it to see how to stack up against your favourite vocalists.

Price: free

Business Insider's app got a much-needed update!

Time for a little shameless self promotion!

Our very own app was updated this week with some cool new features. BI's app supports offline reading and allows you to share articles easily.

Overall, the app is smoother and faster than the previous version.

Price: Free

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