Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

showtime sync

Photo: iTunes

Do you love television? You’ll want to look at Showtime Sync and an app called zeebox.Or maybe it’s games you’re after? Check out The Room and King Oddball.

That only scratches the surface of this week’s app offerings, however.

Showtime Sync

Showtime Sync will display bonus content on your iPad as you watch Showtime on your television. This newly-updated version features a redesigned user interface and the ability to sync using audio recognition.

Price: free


If you fancy yourself a beat-mixing DJ, this iPad app might be all you need. This latest update includes integrated support to buy new music through iTunes and the ability to use an HDMI cable to send your mixed audio through whatever audio system you use.

Price: $4.99

60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes app has arrived on iPad. No need to purchase it a second time to get it on all your devices, just update it in the App Store.

Price: $4.99


Brian Eno has taken to making interesting music apps, and Scape is his latest. It's a generative music controller that never makes the same sound twice.

Price: $5.99


The new-and-improved Travelocity app offers some new features to make it easier than before to book travel arrangements. Save a list of favourite hotels, revisit recent search history, and save details of your booked flights for later reference.

Price: free

King Oddball

Here's a physics puzzler that puts you in control of a boulder that swings back and forth. Tap the screen to time its release and hope that you crush as many targets as possible.

Price: $1.99


TV addicts take note--zeebox keeps you connected to interesting television content live as it airs. Search by what critics say, by what your friends say, and chat with your friends during shows.

Price: free

The Room

It's a simple premise--navigate an eerie room and attempt to escape. This game has gotten rave reviews from all kinds of publications.

Price: $4.99


If you want your iPad to be a sketchbook, Paper is the app for you. This latest update adds all kinds of functionality, such as the ability to move pages around inside of a notebook, duplicate pages, and easily add pages so you never hit the end of a journal.

Price: free

Want to see the best apps you missed last week?

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