Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week


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Whether you’re interested in finding Fancy items or a way to make sure you keep proper time at music practice, there are apps that came out this week that can help.This week also marks the 30th anniversary of Pitfall, a classic 1982 game. To commemorate, the game has been rebooted for iOS.

Keep reading to check out this week’s other apps.


If you've ever wanted a temporary phone number, Burner is the app for you. You can make calls and send texts from a temporary number that isn't tied to your identity.

Price: $1.99


The Atari classic finds new life on iOS with a newly-applied Temple Run gameplay mechanic.

Price: $0.99


The latest offering from armour Games has you steering an aeroplane around the sky to collect shooting stars and paper cranes to earns points and upgrade your plane.

Price: $0.99

Fitness Class

This app wants to help you get in shape. Treat it as a hub for you to download classes to use in your workouts.

Price: $0.99


This simple metronome app is pretty in design and flawless in execution. Tap out a beat and play along while it keeps perfect time.

Price: $0.99


ZabKab finally makes it easy to hail a taxi no matter where you are. Simply tap a button and the taxi drivers will come straight to you.

Price: Free (Available for Google Play & iPhone)

The Fancy

The Fancy has been out for some time. The app most recently received a lot of attention after it was reported that Apple was in talks to purchase the social sale site.

The Fancy's killer feature is its ability to purchase items instead of just liking them.

Price: Free

WashPost iPhone App

Check out stories from the Washington Post's award-winning journalists and bloggers. Follow the publications breaking news, politics, world news, opinions, sports, business, arts, travel, entertainment and much more.

Price: Free

Bean's Quest

Bean's Quest is the closest you'll get to playing Super Mario Bros on your iOS device. The awesome game reminds us of the Nintendo classic. Available for iPhone and iPad, follow the simple but fun story.


In case you missed your favourite artists last show, Setlist allows you to see what songs they performed.

The app links with your Rdio account and can even help you find tickets.

Price: Free

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