13 iPhone Apps I Use Every Day (And You Should Too!)

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I come across a lot of apps as Business Insider’s resident app expert.Some apps are great. Others are total duds. But there are only a handful I use every single day.

These apps are all useful and fun. They help me stay informed, on task, reach goals, make sure I look good, and keep me entertained.

You may have seen a few of these before, but that’s because I really stand by them and actually use them each day.

The first app I use when I wake up is Check The Weather. I love the hourly and 10-day forecasts.

Price: $0.99

Next, I'll open Mailbox to check the emails I missed overnight. Mailbox is awesome because it helps me me get my inbox down to zero. I can even set a specific time for an email to pop to the top of my inbox.

Price: Free (mailbox isn't available yet but you can sign up to reserve it)

Before I roll out of bed I scroll through Tweetbot to see if I missed any interesting news overnight. Tweetbot is the best iPhone Twitter client around.

Price: $2.99

As I'm walking out the door I'll fire up a playlist on Spotify. Spotify's $9.99 per month subscription lets me save playlists for offline listening. That way I can continue listening on the subway when I have no service.

Price: Free (although I highly recommend subscribing, it's worth it)

Sometimes I'll forget to look in the mirror before I walk out of the door so I'll use the regular camera app to make sure I don't have any toothpaste in the corners of my mouth.

Price: Free (included with the iPhone)

I typically have a long queue of stories to read in Instapaper. Riding the subway is a perfect way to catch up on the articles I've missed. Instapaper is one of my favourite ways to save articles I find on the desktop for later.

Price: $3.99

Sometimes I'll get bored with reading and just want to play a game. My favourite right now is Field Runners 2. Field Runners is a tower defence strategy game that's loads of fun.

Price: $0.99 (on sale right now)

Once I get to work, I check Fantastical to make sure I know what's on my schedule for the day. Fantastical is an awesome calendar app that gives me a view of my full day at a glance.

Price: $4.99

I use Evernote when I have to jot down notes from an interview or brainstorm ideas for my next feature. The note-taking app syncs everything in the cloud so I can pick up where I left off on any device.

Price: Free

Clear helps me stay on task on my iPhone and Mac. The checklist app is extremely simple and it's very satisfying swiping away a completed task.

Price: $1.99

GroupMe helps me stay in touch with my friends who live in other cities. The group messaging app is great because it works on every phone. It's also very simple to share text and photo messages along with your current location.

Price: Free

Google Chrome lets me view desktop sites with the push of a button. Chrome is an excellent alternative to Apple's built-in Safari browser, which can often feel limited.

Price: Free

Price: Free

Now that you've had your fill of iPhone apps, check out...

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