The first 14 apps you should download on your new Android phone

You got a glorious, brand-spanking-new Android phone over the holidays, and you love it.

You can do anything with your new Android phone. So many apps. So many possibilities. But where to begin?

Here’s a list of 15 apps that should get you started:

Yahoo Weather is a gorgeous weather app.

Google Play Store

Yahoo Weather is one of the best weather apps for Android.

It shows you the weather forecast, as well as useful details like humidity, wind speed, air pressure, and a meteorological map showing you rain and snow movement in a beautiful, easy-to-read layout.

Price: Free

Snapseed will help you edit photos.

Google Play Store

Snapseed is one of the best and easiest photo editing apps in the Google Play Store.

On top of preset filters, you can fine tune either your entire picture, or just certain parts of it. The app is incredibly simple to use considering how dramatically you can edit and improve your photos.

It's perfect for social media or simply giving your pictures a quick edit.

Price: Free

Gallery Doctor cleans up your camera roll.

Google Play Store

Gallery Doctor will find blurry shots, duplicates, screenshots, and long videos that clutter your gallery and take up a lot of space on your Android phone.

You have total control over which photos and videos get deleted in case there are some you want to keep.

Price: Free

Spotify is the best streaming music service.

Google Play Store

Spotify is a must if you like to listen to music.

You're likely to find most, if not all, of your favourite music, and Spotify is excellent at curating playlists for different genres and mood. You'll also get Spotify's 'Discover Weekly' playlist that finds 30 songs every Monday that you might like but never knew about based on your listening habits.

Price: Free to play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode. $9.99/month for premium features like offline listening.

Waze is a wonderful navigation app.

Google Play Store

Waze gives you directions to where you need to go while avoiding traffic, and even though it was bought by Google, it does a better job at avoiding traffic than Google Maps.

It automatically registers the speed from other Waze users on the same roads as your route to tell if there's traffic. Waze users can also add their own warnings and alerts, like police sightings, construction work, or accidents.

Price: Free

Open Camera will help you shoot better photos.

Google Play Store

Some default camera apps in certain Android phones can be a little too basic and lack manual controls.

Open Camera is a great free camera app that gives you manual controls like ISO, white balance, different focus modes, as well as presets for different type of scenes, like landscapes or portraits.

Price: Free

WhatsApp is a great way to chat with people.

Google Play Store

WhatsApp is an absolute must if you have friends or family abroad, or even for calling and texting locally in your own country.

Because it uses data to make calls or send texts, call quality is crystal clear and neither party will be charged for sending texts as long as everyone also has WhatsApp on their phones.

You can basically text friends and family anywhere in the world for free while you're on a WiFi connection, and the amount of data that texts and calls use up is minimal.

Price: Free

1Password will help manage all your passwords.

Google Play Store

Unless you have strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts, your sensitive information and data isn't safe enough on the web. But it's not realistic to expect anyone to remember passwords for each of their accounts online.

1Password generates strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts and remembers them for you. You can also use 1Password on your computer with the helpful Chrome and Safari extensions.

Price: Free, or a one-time purchase of $6.49 for premium features.

Tiny Scanner

Google Play Store

You'll never know when you need to scan something.

That's why you should download and install Tiny Scanner. It uses your phone's camera to take a picture of a document and turns it into a high-resolution scan. You can then send it off via email, social media, or even text.

Price: Free

SoundHound will help you identify a song.

Google Play Store

SoundHound listens to a song to identify what it is, just like Shazam. But unlike Shazam, you can hum or sing a song and SoundHound will find out what it is.

It's one of those apps you want in advance for the times you need them. Trust me, I constantly scramble to download SoundHound whenever I try a new Android phone and a song I like comes on the radio.

Price: Free

Uber helps you get around.

Google Play Store

Uber hails a ride from a fleet of Uber drivers around your location. You can get your own private ride, or share a ride for a lower fare.

Because you need to set up an account and add your credit card details before using Uber, it's one of those apps and services that's better to download now rather than when you need it.

From the app, you set your pickup location, destination, and get an estimate of your fare. Payment for the ride is automatically made when you've arrived at your destination with the credit card details you used while signing up for the Uber service.

Price: Free app download, fares are on a per-ride basis.

Venmo lets you send money to you friends.

Google Play Store

Venmo is the best and easiest way to transfer money between your friends and family.

You can send money from your linked bank accounts or request it from friends who owe you for that dinner or those drinks. You can then 'cash out' the money you receive on Venmo directly into your bank account.

There's a $2,999.99 limit and Venmo doesn't charge you a transfer fee when you use a checking account or debit card. There's a 3% fee for credit card transfers. Only use Venmo with trusted individuals.

Price: Free

Companion will let your friends and family know you're safe.

Google Play Store

When you use Companion with friends or family, you can let them know you're safe as you walk home late at night or through a sketchy part of town.

It tracks your location via GPS, and if Companion sees that you're running, your phone falls to the ground, your headphones are yanked out, or you don't make it home on time, it will let your 'companions' with the app know.

Price: Free

Lara Croft Go is an amazing mobile game.

Square Enix

Lara Croft GO is a beautifully designed puzzle game and one of Tech Insider's favourite mobile games so far. The objective is to navigate Lara from point A to point B while overcoming the obstacles in between.

Price: Free app download, in-app purchases range between $1.99 and $4.99.

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