The 17 best drinking apps for crafting the perfect night out -- or on the couch

When you’re getting ready to go out drinking, you just want to focus on fun. You don’t want to have to deal with overpriced drinks, lines at the door, or closed liquor stores. And, of course, it’s always fun to discover delicious new cocktails and drinks.

Thankfully with the wonders of smartphones, a carefree night of drinking is within your grasp. Just make sure you don’t go too wild.

These 16 apps give you drink ideas, connect you with your favourite bartender, and even tell you your approximate blood alcohol content. They will tell you where happy hours are and even let you create your own personal happy hour complete with discounted drinks for you and your friends.

Read on for the best apps for getting your drink on, many of which have been featured by the good people over at Product Hunt.

Additional reporting by Kate Shapiro.

Bar Roulette takes you to a mystery bar near you

Bar Roulette

Bar Roulette plugs into Uber and Yelp to whisk you away to a random (highly rated) bar, keeping the destination a secret until you arrive. It's for those times when you just need to get a little spark of adventure in your life.

Cost: Free

Get the web app.

Next Glass scans beer and wine bottles to help you find your favourite drink.

Next Glass

With over 23,000 bottles tested and in its system, Next Glass is a powerful tool for predicting whether you'll like that case of beer or new brand of wine. Once you tell the app what drinks you like, you can scan the label of the bottle and you'll see a personalised score and the nutritional information, including the alcohol by volume.

Price: Free (Android, iOS)

Mixtura tells you all the great cocktails you can make based on the ingredients you have on hand


Mixtura is a drink recipe app with a clever tweak. You enter whatever alcohol and mixers you have in your cabinet and the app will tell you what drinks you can make. Perfect for when you want to try something new but you don't want to go to the store.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS.

Happy lets you create your own happy hour for you and your friends -- on demand


Happy let's you actually create your own 60-minute happy hour at participating bars and restaurants in New York City. Simply pick a place, invite your friends, and get to drinking. As they say, it's five o'clock somewhere.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS and Android.

Flaviar gives you an amazing visualisation of what drinks you've never had before tastes like


Flaviar is billed as the IMDB for whisky and other spirits -- with a database of 10,000 bottles. The app provides the essential information you need to make an informed decision, but the real innovation is their 'Flavour Spiral,' a funky way Flaviar tries to 'visualise' the flavours for you. Think of it as an infographic for your tastebuds.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS.

Swig is for sharing photos of your coolest drinks


Swig is like an Instagram designed specifically for drinkers. You can keep a visual journal of all the new drinks you try, and follow what your friends are drinking -- and how much they like them.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS and Android.

Glassful tells you what wines you'll love based on a simple quiz


Glassful is a subscription service that delivers you 3 bottles of wine for $US54 every month. But the twist is that it's both newbie-friendly and customisable. It achieves this by giving you a simple quiz at the start to begin to understand what flavours you enjoy.

Cost: $US54 per month

Get it at the website.

Lush is the sleekest recipe app around


Lush is a simple and stylish drink-mixing app. It only does one thing: show you how to make whatever drink you want. But it does it very well.

Cost: $US1.99

Get it for iOS.

Highball helps you create and share beautiful cocktail recipes


Highball is an app for collecting and sharing drink recipes. You choose the ingredients, description, and image for each recipe -- then you can share your new finds or cocktail innovations with your friends. And the interface is undeniably pretty.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS.

Happy Hour Finder gets you all the best happy hour deals in your city

Happy Hour Finder

Happy Hour Finder is exactly what it founds like: it finds you the nearest happy hour. While some apps of this nature only work in one place -- like New York City -- this app works nationwide.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS or Android.

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