For Social Media Engagement, Mobile Apps Trump The Desktop

Social media usage is becoming mobile-centric. That’s especially true when it comes to engagement. 

  • Users of social media mobile apps spend an average of 9 hours a month (about 18 minutes daily) on the services, according to recent Nielsen data from March 2013.  That monthly time-spend climbed by about 13% in eight months. 
  • By comparison, desktop and laptop PC users of social media spend about 6 to 7 hours a month on social networks. That time-spend hasn’t budged for about two years. 
  • Finally, users spend a little over 1 hour a month visiting social media sites on the mobile Web (HTML5 pages in their mobile browser, rather than stand-alone “native apps” written specifically for Android and iOS phones).  

The surprise here is the extent to which native mobile apps drive high engagement levels. It underscores the fact that social media has become inextricable from mobile contexts. Mobile devices are driving greater time-spend on social media sites than PCs did. 

For the chart below, we evaluated data from Nielsen and Experian Marketing Services, and projected desktop social media usage for March 2013 based on past patterns. 

Click here for the chart and data in Excel.  

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