These 11 Apps And Websites Will Make You Miss Your Childhood

Between Throwback Thursday and apps like Timehop, nostalgia definitely factors into how we use technology today.

Product Hunt, a discovery website that shows you the newest startups and products, has collected a bunch of websites and apps that will make you want to relive the past. Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover even wrote a blog post about how he thinks the emotional power of nostalgia makes it a perfect inspiration for people designing products and startups.

Here are our favourite websites and startups that will remind you of your childhood.

Use Stayed Up All Night to create retro mixtapes with a 21st century twist.

Play more than 900 classic arcade games on your browser at the Internet Arcade. No quarters required.

Check out the Internet Arcade here.

Nick Reboot streams all your favourite Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s and the 2000s, 24/7.

Pick a year (preferably from your childhood) and get your jam on. The Nostalgia Machine will show you the top songs from any given year.

Get your jam on with the Nostalgia Machine.

Remember When is an app that lets you share and relive old memories with your friends.

Listen to the noises of eras bygone -- like the AIM notification noise and the sound of Space Invaders -- at The Endangered Sounds Museum.

Click through the Endangered Sound Museum here.

Watch old school cartoons -- like, black-and-white old school -- on Vintage Cartoons. For added effect, it even plays cartoons inside an old-timey TV set.

Geocitiesizer will turn any website into something resembling a Geocities website. Here, we have the New York Times, reimagined as a Geocities website.

Listen to the soundtracks of your favourite 8-bit video games with Sndtst.

Find your favourite Gameboy sounds here.

Use Retrospecs to turn your modern-day pictures into works of art from the 80s. See what a picture of yourself today would look like on a Commodore 64 or the original Apple Macintosh.

Learn more at Retrospecs' website.

Pica Pic lets you choose from a gallery of retro handheld gaming devices, and then embeds games into the handsets so you can play. Just like when you were a kid!

Get your game on at Pica Pic's website.

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