American Approval For The Afghanistan War Is Abysmally Low

A recent CNN poll tells us the obvious: Americans overwhelmingly think the Afghanistan War is a giant fail.

The poll shows the war is the least popular in recent U.S. history. Gallup has similar numbers.

From CNN:

Just 17% of those questioned say they support the 12-year-long war, down from 52% in December 2008. Opposition to the conflict now stands at 82%, up from 46% five years ago.

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland notes that “Opposition to the Iraq war never got higher than 69% in CNN polling while U.S. troops were in that country” and no more than 6 in 10 disapproved of the Vietnam War while troops were on the ground.

Incidentally, one thing Americans approve of less than the Afghan War (17%) is Congress (14%).

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