Jony Ive Reveals The Secret Of Apple's Design Strategy

Jony Ive

Photo: Screenshot

Apple’s design chief has two main goals in mind when developing products: Keep the design as simple as possible and design each product well enough that the user can’t possibly imagine it looking any other way.”We try to develop products that seem somehow inevitable. That leave you with the sense that that’s the only possible solution that makes sense,” said Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior VP of industrial design, in an extended interview with The Telegraph.

“Our goal is to try to bring a calm and simplicity to what are incredibly complex problems so that you’re not aware really of the solution, you’re not aware of how hard the problem was that was eventually solved,” Ive said in the interview.

What Apple and its design team try not to do, Ive says, is to build a product just for the sake of building a product.

“What preoccupies us is that sense of care, and what our products will not speak to is a schedule, what our products will not speak to is trying to respond to some corporate or competitive agenda,” he said. “We’re very genuinely designing the best products that we can for people.” 

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