Apple's U.K. iPhone Carrier Sweetens Deal. Sales Slumping? (AAPL)

The handful of iPhone owners in the U.K. just got a better deal: Exclusive carrier O2 is unexpectedly juicing their iPhone subscriptions. The Guardian reports that iPhone subscribers on £35 and £45 plans are now getting up to three times as many calling minutes and text messages as their original plans called for. For example, £35 subs, which the paper says make up “the bulk of the user base,” now get 600 free minutes each month instead of 200.

Offering up free minutes and text messages doesn’t cost O2 much, and probably wouldn’t ding the kickbacks that Apple gets each month from the carrier. But O2 also phased out a £55 monthly plan, moving those subscribers to a £45 monthly plan — which could mean smaller subscriber kickbacks for Apple.

Regardless, this continues to support theories that Apple’s phone isn’t doing overwhelming overseas. Earlier this month, the FT reported that Apple and O2 sold 190,000 iPhones in the U.K in their first 8 weeks of sales, missing even the carrier’s public — read: conservative — estimate of 200,000 sales.

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