Apple Is Putting In Orders For Super Slim Parts, And Its Suppliers Are Struggling To Make Them

This is basically an bi-annual story for Apple, but…

DigiTimes reports Apple’s suppliers are struggling to manufacture the super slim components Apple is requesting for the next iPhone.

“Taiwan-based component makers are reducing the thickness of components including panels, chassis and battery packs for upcoming iPhones, and are facing technological difficulties maintaining or hiking yield rates,” says DigiTimes.

It says the battery is going to be 2 mm thin, as opposed to 3 mm for the current model.

Again, is a story we hear whenever Apple rolls out a new product. Suppliers struggle initially to make new, slim parts, but eventually they figure it out.

Really, the most important news in the DigiTimes report is this: “60-70 million new iPhones are expected to be sold by the end of 2014.”

We’re assuming that number is just iPhone orders in the fourth quarter. If so, it’s a big jump on a year-over-year basis for Apple. At the low-end of that range, it’s a 17% increase. At the high end, it’s a 37% annual increase.

Via: BGR

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