Apple’s Steve Jobs Fires Up Yahoo Vice Presidents

Did we say Yahoo’s super-secret VP convention would be a “whole lot of nothing”?  Who were we kidding?  In a land of dynastically wealthy celebrity moguls, there is perhaps only one Valley deity who could have elicited an audible gasp upon entering the room, and that’s Steve Jobs.

What Yahoo really, really needs–more than deals, strategy shifts, 100-day plans, “streamlining,” etc.–is fire in the belly.  And we can’t think of anyone better equipped to ignite it. 

Now that Apple has become a world-dominating, hyper-innovating music monopolist, people forget that, in the late 1990s, it was a pathetic also-ran–Gateway with a cooler logo.  One man changed all that–in large part by figuring out how to reignite the fire.  We wish Steve were available to actually run Yahoo, but perhaps someone of equal inspirational talent will step up (or perhaps Jerry or Sue will turn out to have it). 

After all, even Steve Jobs wasn’t Steve Jobs until he accepted this latest job.  He was just a famous guy who had been fired from Apple and founded a niche computer company and animated movie company.  Jerry?  Sue?  We Yahoo shareholders are keeping our fingers crossed…

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