Apple asked 11 artists to create art using iPhones and iPads -- and the results are stunning

Apple’s “Start Something New” campaign aims to show the world how creativity is possible on an iPhone. The company commissioned 11 artists to create artwork using only an iPhone and various third-party apps.

The work ranges from impressionistic to realistic, with a variety of different scenes and inspirations.

Darren Pearson made this work, entitled 'Drawing with Light,' with an Apple Watch and an iPhone 6s Plus.

Lu Jin created 'Painting fluid landscapes' with an iPhone 6s and a Mac.

Tiffany Bozic created 'Illustrating nature through its details' with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

William Hundley created 'Capturing the texture of the moment' on an iPhone 6s Plus.

Brian Lotti created 'Seeking colour in the streets' on an iPad Air 2.

Greg Barth created 'Visualising the power of gravity' as a short film on an iPhone 6s and MacBook Pro.

Emma Phillips created 'Chasing wild vistas' on an iPhone 6s.

Jake Sargeant created 'Composing a sense of wonder' on an iPhone 6s.

Kahori Maki created 'Cultivating a different kind of rose' on an iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and Apple Pencil.

Bernhard Lang created 'Shooting from a different perspective' on an iPhone 6s Plus.

Lieu Nguyen created 'Painting with dots' on an iPad Air 2.

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