Apple's Snow Leopard Mac OS Coming In September

snow leopard banner

Update: Snow Leopard will ship in September for $29, Apple announces.

Earlier: Besides a new iPhone, Apple (AAPL) is expected to talk about its new Mac OS X, “Snow Leopard,” during its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today.

Might Apple announce the new OS is going on sale June 19? That’s the date on a banner hanging at the Moscone centre in San Francisco, where the keynote will start at 1 p.m. ET.

Apple typically picks the dates (and times) in its marketing materials very carefully. And Apple’s online store is down — often a sign they are refreshing their product offerings. (Could be a Snow Leopard pre-order form, for instance.)

New versions of Mac OS X are typically very profitable for Apple, and add a lot of high-margin revenue to its results. But because Snow Leopard is expected to be a relatively minor OS X update, it’s possible Apple might charge much less for it than its typical updates.

Alternately, it’s possible that Apple will start selling the new iPhone on June 19, a Friday. But we’d previously heard July 17 as a more likely date.

Photo: MacRumors

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